Special Admission for Foreign Students (Double Degree Program)

Our Partner Institutions

The Faculty of Economics and the Graduate School of Economics have agreements with European and Asian universities on Double Degree Program that can be earned by undergraduate and graduate students to promote education through international cooperation. At present, Kobe University has agreements with the following five universities: KU Leuven (Belgium), Wuhan University and Beijing Foreign Studies University (China), Foreign Trade University (Vietnam) ,and University of Essex (UK).

Kobe University accepts undergraduate and graduate students from Wuhan University and Foreign Trade University, and graduate students from Beijing Foreign Studies University. Kobe University also accepts both undergraduate and graduate students from KU Leuven, while it sends graduate students to KU Leuven. After completing one semester in the Master’s Program of the Graduate School of Economics in Kobe, students will go and study at KU Leuven to acquire a master’s degree in economics, business administration, or European studies. Thereafter, they may return to Kobe to earn a master’s degree in economics.

Application Guide and Forms

The application guidelines will be sent to the double-degree partner universities.


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