List of Programs for Prospective Students

We provide various opportunities for international students to study at our school. Here is the list of programs. Some programs can be applied in English. Please check the links for the detail of the application. Please refer Japanese website for the other programs.

Degree-seeking Programs

Master Program

KIMAP (Kobe University Interdisciplinary Master Program)

In KIMAP (Kobe University Interdisciplinary Master Program) in Economics, Japanese and foreign students are expected to collaborate. During the master’s program, they all are required to study economics in English and write a master’s thesis in English. By overcoming differences in cultures and by fostering collaborative studies in economics, we aim to educate the student to become an economist or business person who can play an important role in a global setting.

  Further, this master’s program is interdisciplinary and aims to develop professionals with multi-abilities to design and implement policies or strategies to solve social issues that we are facing in the modern era. While focusing on economics education, the program offers an interdisciplinary curriculum in cooperation with the Graduate Schools of Business Administration and Law, aiming to develop global professionals who can utilize knowledge and skills not only in the economics field but also in the law and business administration fields.

 KIMAP in Economics has the following key features;

  1. All required courses are offered in English. Both Japanese and foreign students are welcome.
  2. Every year, we invite prominent researchers from foreign institutions. Students have a chance to take intensive lectures by these prominent researchers.
  3. Inter-disciplinary education is emphasized in cooperation with the Graduate School of Business Administration and Graduate School of Law at Kobe University. In addition to the traditional master’s degree in economics, certificates in inter-disciplinary fields may be conferred upon successful completion of the program.
  4. Enrollment is in April or October.

For the details of program’s aim and features and also for the timetable and course offerings for current students, please visit KMAP joint website with the three Graduate Schools.

Other Programs
  • General Admission
  • Special Admission for Working Professionals

Doctoral Program [Admission in Japanese]

  • General Admission
  • Special Admission for Foreign Students
  • Special Admission for Working Professionals

Foreign Research Students [Admission in Japanese]

China Scholarship Council Students

Double Degree Program

The Faculty of Economics and the Graduate School of Economics have agreements with European and Asian universities on Double Degree Programs that can be earned by undergraduate and graduate students to promote education through international cooperation.

Non-degree Programs

Student Exchange Program

Kobe University welcomes students from over 250 partner universities and research institutions worldwide for various non-degree programs that span one or two semesters.
To participate in our exchange programs, please ensure that there is a student exchange agreement between your institution and Kobe University such as an “Inter-University Students Exchange agreement*” or “Inter-Faculty Student Exchange agreement*”. For more information, please go to Kobe University’s website:
*Please consult with your study-abroad outbound coordinator or the international office of your institution regarding the Inter-Faculty Student Agreements.

Once you have confirmed your institution has an active student exchange agreement with Kobe University, you then complete the following steps.