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The collaborative paper, written by an Economics student Mr. MATSUOKA Kohei and Professor HAMORI Shigeyuki, won the “Best Paper Award” at an international conference held in Sydney, Australia.(14 Jan. 2020)
7th Bruegel-Kobe University Joint International Symposium was held on 24 October.(16 Dec. 2019)
"The 5th Annual International Conference on Applied Econometrics in Hawaii" was held on 17-18 September. (15 Oct. 2019)
Prof. Kaiji Motegi received the 2019 Best Young Researcher Award from Kobe University. (06 Aug. 2019)
Professor Kentaro Iwatsubo's paper was listed on SSRN's Top Ten download list for: ERN: International Financial Flows (Topic) and Financial Literacy eJournal. (31 Jul. 2019)
Rokko Forum Thu. 30 January 4:30PM-6:00PM
Ryu-ichiro Murota (Faculty of Economics, Kindai University)
"Negative Interest Rate Policy in a Permanent Liquidity Trap"
Rokko Forum Thu. 30 January 4:00PM-5:30PM
Michael Danziger (Northeastern University)
"Multilayer network resilience through recovery processes"  
Rokko Forum Fri. 31 January  10:00AM-4:50PM
Zhiyuan LI(Fudan University)
Tatsuyoshi MIYAKOSHI(Hosei University)
Colin DAVIS(Doshisha University)
Ling FENG(Shanghai University of Finance & Economics)
Yongjin WANG(Nankai University)
Discussion Paper No.1913
Rui WANG "Monopolistic Competition and Nominal Stickiness in Generalized New Keynesian Model"
Discussion Paper No.1914
Ana Maria Takahashi Shingo Takahashi Atsuko Ueda
"Gender Promotion Gap in Japanese Academia in 2004-2013:Has It Changed Over Time? "
The book by Prof. Tamotsu Nakamura, et. al., has been published by Springer(28 Feb. 2019)