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Open Call for Applications for a Full-Time Position (Economics) 【Deadline: 27 July 2018】 (17 May 2018)
The 4th African Business Research Forum (30 Oct. 2017)
An article written by Prof. OTSUKA Keijiro appeared in The Nikkei (1 Aug. 2016, p.19)(1 Aug .2016)
We have concluded a Cooperative Agreement on Research with Nanyang Technological University (Singapore). (14 Jul. 2016)
Rokko Forum Fri. 13 July 5:00PM-6:30PM

Hide-Fumi Yokoo "Subjective beliefs and estimated risks: Evidence from cooking fuel choices and health in India"

Rokko Forum Fri. 13 July 5:30PM-7:00PM

Kaz Miyagiwa "Illegal Immigrants, Crimes, and Sanctuary Cities"

Discussion Paper No.1821
Takao Fujii, Yoichi Matsubayashi "Wage Discrepancy Between Tradable and Non-Tradable Sectors and Real Exchange Rates in Japan: Empirical Evidence with Panel Threshold Model"
Discussion Paper No.1822
Shoichi Sasaki "Labor Market Inequality and Marital Segregation in East Asia"