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Book written by authors including Prof. Tamotsu Nakamura has been published by Springer (28 Feb. 2019)
Prof. Masanori Ishikawa gave his last lecture on Fri. 15 February (18 Feb. 2019)
Prof. Toshiki Jinushi gave his last lecture on Tue. 29 January (31 Jan. 2019)
Project Professor Keijiro Otsuka to give a lecture at the Special Lectures by Newly Elected Members of the Japan Academy on Mon. 4 Mar. (lectures to be delivered in Japanese) (30 Jan. 2019)
Applications invited for Tenure or Tenure-Track Associate Professor/Assistant Professor in Environmental Economics, Spatial Economics, Economics of Innovations
(Application period 2019/01/18 - 2019/03/22)
(18 Jan. 2019)
Project Prof. Keijiro Otsuka has been elected to the membership of the Japan Academy (14 Dec. 2018)
Textbook written by Prof. Noritsugu Nakanishi has been published by World Scientific (08 Nov. 2018)
The 4th African Business Research Forum (30 Oct. 2017)
An article written by Prof. OTSUKA Keijiro appeared in The Nikkei (1 Aug. 2016, p.19)(1 Aug .2016)
We have concluded a Cooperative Agreement on Research with Nanyang Technological University (Singapore). (14 Jul. 2016)
Rokko Forum Wed. 20 March 3:30PM-5:00PM

Shinya Fukui "Business Cycle Spatial Synchronization: Measuring a Common Indicator"

Rokko Forum Wed. 27 March 5:00PM-6:30PM

Majah-Leah Ravago "Energy Conservation “Nudges”: Evidence from a Randomized Residential Field Experiment in the Philippines"

Discussion Paper No.1904
Fujio Takata "An Inquiry into the Same Movement Pattern in Two Cases of Labor Supply"
Discussion Paper No.1905
Hideo Fujiwara "The Simple Macro Monetary Models with the Creation of Credit and Money and the Effectives of Monetary Policy -The Policy Effectives of the Quantity Easing and Decreasing Interest Rate on Excess Reserves-"