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Associate Professor Kaiji Motegi has been awarded the Third Hosoya Prize (12 Jul. 2021)
Regarding the conduction of Semester 2 classes (23 Sep. 2020)
External website and official twitter account are now available. Please add them to your bookmarks and check information in case of network outage. (29 Jul. 2020)
Rokko Forum Mon. 18 October 12:10PM-1:10PM
Hirokazu MATSUOKA(Musashino University) "Spatial econometrics for applied economics"
Rokko Forum Fri. 8 October 3:00PM-4:10PM
Tatsuya ASAMI(ISER, Osaka University) "Trade Liberalization, Educational Choice, and Income Distribution"
Rokko Forum Tue. 28 September 5:00PM-6:00PM
Antony Mbithi (Education Sub-Saharan Africa) "Ethnic Politics and Judicial Decision Making in Kenya"
Discussion Paper No.2125
"A Schumpeterian Exploration of Gini and Top/Bottom Income Shares"
Discussion Paper No.2124
Tomoko Hashino, Keijiro Otsuka
"Selective Technology Choice, Adaptations, and Industrial Development: Lessons from Japanese Historical Experience"