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Regarding the conduction of Semester 2 classes (23 Sep. 2020)
For Foreign Nationals Currently Overseas with Status of Residence in Japan (31 Aug. 2020)
External website and official twitter account are now available. Please add them to your bookmarks and check information in case of network outage. (29 Jul. 2020)
Important announcements by Graduate School of Economics & Faculty of Economics, including schedule changes and other notices (in Japanese only) (26 Mar. 2020)
Orientation for new international students (26 Mar. 2020)
Rokko Forum Mon. 15 March 2:40PM-4:10PM
Yuta KURODA(Osaka City University, Graduate School of Economics)"The Impact of Changing Perception of Educational Revenue on Academic Achievement: Empirical Analysis of University Admission Results by High School"
Rokko Forum Mon. 15 March 1:00PM-2:30PM
Michio NAOI(Keio University, Faculty of Economics)"School Quality and Residential Property Values: A Review of Recent Developments and Applications"
Rokko Forum Wed. 3 March 3:30PM-4:30PM
Kohei OKADA(Graduate School of Economics, Osaka University)"Child labor, Corruption, and Development"
Discussion Paper No.2108
Keijiro Otsuka   
"Strategy for Transforming Indonesian Agriculture"
Discussion Paper No.2107
Seiji Horii   
"The Achievements of Implementing the Prize Competitions for the Saxon Textile Industry during the Late Half of 18th Century"