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Regarding the conduction of Semester 2 classes (23 Sep. 2020)
For Foreign Nationals Currently Overseas with Status of Residence in Japan (31 Aug. 2020)
External website and official twitter account are now available. Please add them to your bookmarks and check information in case of network outage. (29 Jul. 2020)
Important announcements by Graduate School of Economics & Faculty of Economics, including schedule changes and other notices (in Japanese only) (26 Mar. 2020)
Orientation for new international students (26 Mar. 2020)
Rokko Forum Sat. 3 July 10:00AM-11:30AM
Ryusaku MATSUO(Research Fellow, Graduate School of Economics, Kobe University)
Rokko Forum Fri. 25 June 3:00PM-4:10PM
Koji ASANO(Graduate School of Economics, Tohoku University)
Rokko Forum Wed. 26 May 4:00PM-5:00PM
Tarishi MATSUOKA(Tokyo Metropolitan University)"Asset Prices and Standing Facilities in a Monetary Economy "
Rokko Forum Wed. 26 May 10:00AM-11:00AM
Chigusa OKAMOTO(Chuo University)"Urban Redevelopment Program and Shopping Externality"
Rokko Forum Tue. 25 May 5:00PM-7:00PM
Tomoko KINUGASA and 5 others
Report 1 "Social Capital and Health of Residents in Mountainous Area: Empirical Research based on Questionnaire for Inhabitants in Yamanouchi Area, Himeji, Hyogo"
Report 2 "Educational effectiveness for university students in The Yoitoko check-up"
Report 3 "Overview and discussion on cognitive function tests for the elderly"
Rokko Forum Fri. 21 May 3:10PM-4:40PM
Nao SUDO(Financial System Department, Bank of Japan)"About Bank of Japan's Financial System Report (April, 2021) "
Rokko Forum Thu. 20 May 4:30PM-5:40PM
Yukiko SAWADA(Faculty of Economics, Ryukoku University)"On the Spillover Creation and Diversion Effects of Regional Trade Agreements"
Discussion Paper No.2115
Minae NIKI
"Does instruction time improve student achievement and motivation? Evidence from Japan"
Discussion Paper No.2114
Huihui LI, Minae NIKI
"Child Allowance Policy and Household Consumption Behavior in Japan"