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Important announcements by Graduate School of Economics & Faculty of Economics, including schedule changes and other notices (in Japanese only) (26 Mar. 2020)
Orientation for new international students (26 Mar. 2020)
Coronavirus-related announcements from Kobe University (26 Mar. 2020)
2020 Matriculation Ceremony Cancelled (11 Mar. 2020)
The collaborative paper, written by an Economics student Mr. MATSUOKA Kohei and Professor HAMORI Shigeyuki, won the “RIBER Best Paper Award.” (6 Mar. 2020)
Rokko Forum Fri. 27 March 1:30AM-3:00PM


Kazuko Nakata(Setsunan University)"Clarify the Mechanism of Horizontal and Vertical Tax Competition"
Discussion Paper No.2003
Masafumi Kozuka
"Bank Branching of Regional Financial Institutions in Shizuoka Prefecture: Empirical Analysis with Municipality Date "
Discussion Paper No.2004
Tomomi Miyazaki
"Tax Morale and Tax Resistance: Evidence from a Representative Japanese Population Survey "
The book by Prof. Tamotsu Nakamura, et. al., has been published by Springer(28 Feb. 2019)