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The Graduate School of Economics, Kobe University gladly announces its new International Master Program. Students who will enroll in this program will be able to get a master degree in economics by taking courses taught entirely in English. They can choose courses offered by the Graduate School of Economics and other Graduate Schools of Kobe University.

This program is mainly for international students and is offered as a part of the international educational program of Kobe University. However, this program is open to Japanese students as well. In particular, Japanese students in the IFEEK (International Five-Year Economics Education Program at Kobe) program, which started in Spring 2013, can join the courses offered.

Kobe University is one of the largest and most internationalized university in Japan. We have 14 Graduate Schools and about 16,000 students; more than 1,000 foreign students study at Kobe University annually. The Graduate School of Economics is a founding core of the university and it is one of the oldest economics departments in Japan. So, the students in this program will be able to deepen their knowledge and experience in an international and interdisciplinary environment, as well as to complete their master degree in economics through rigorous disciplinary training.

This program opened for enrollment in October 2013.

International Master Programs in Economics