IFEEK(International Five-Year Economics Education at Kobe)

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The Graduate School of Economics, Kobe University, started the IFEEK program in the spring of 2013. This program aims at training students to be able to work in research and business fields internationally. In order to attain this goal, we have designed a highly demanding program which combines our bachelor and master degree courses with a study-abroad period so that the students in the program can complete both degrees in five years and polish their communication skills in English at the same time.

We select the program students from our undergraduate students at the end of their freshman year, based on their grades and plans for future. We then start offering them special courses, separated from the ordinary ones. These courses include: special seminars, economics and related-field courses in English, and English training courses. At the end of the second year, they will choose where to study abroad, based on their research interests and based on the recommendations of the faculty members who are in charge of the special seminars.

In the spring semester of the third year, the students start participating in seminars on undergraduate thesis writing together with the other ordinary students and based on their research interests. These seminars are run by faculty members in the appropriate fields and the students will continue to receive instructions throughout their bachelor and master thesis writing time. Thus, while the students go abroad to study, they can consult with faculty members through e-mails and other communication means.

In the fall semester of the third year, the program students go abroad to study for one or two semesters at one of the institutions with which the Graduate School of Economics has exchange programs. Upon their return to Kobe, they will complete the undergraduate theses and go on to study in the master-level courses. They are expected to complete their master theses in one or one and a half year, depending on the length of their study-abroad periods. This is a very demanding program; thus, the students who complete it will be well trained and highly competitive. We expect them to be among one of our best graduates, and to be successful in international businesses and/or research activities.