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SUZUKI JunAssociate Professor



Office hours

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Research Interest

Economic System Theory

Research Themes
  1. Economic System Theory
  2. Economics of Worker Participation, Cooperatives and Nonprofit Economy
  1. "Diversity in Nonprofit Sector, and Relational Goods," (in Japanese), The Annual of the Society of Economic Sociology, 31, 45-53, 2009.
  2. "Social Economy and the Viability of Cooperatives," (in Japanese), Social and Economic Systems Studies, 20, 51-55, 2001.
  3. "A System of Economic Policies of Welfare State," (in Japanese), in M. Adachi (ed.) Fukushi Kokka No Tenkan To Fukushi Shakai No Tenbou (A Change of Welfare State and Prospects for Welfare Society), Chapter 4, 2001.
  4. "Cooperatives with Heterogeneous Training Methods," Kobe University Economic Review, 45, 59-66, 2000.
  5. "Reconsideration of the Economic Theory of Market Socialism," (in Japanese), The Annual of the Society of Economic Sociology, 17, 201-211, 1995.

My research interests center on economic system theory, especially the study of various forms of firm organizations in market economies. Economic system theory focuses on how economic activities relate to each other in a society and the way of grasping and comparing economic systems as a whole. To get over the (market-or-state) dualism is one of the most important subjects in contemporary economic systems research and it is my long-term research theme.

Directory of Researchers in Kobe University

Directory of Researchers in Kobe University