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NAKAMURA TamotsuProfessor


Office hours

Please make an appointment in advance.



TEL : 078-803-6843

Research Interests

Macroeconomics in General, Income Inequalities, Mixed Oligopoly

I am interested in macroeconomics in general. However, I am currently working on the research of income inequalities from various aspects. The followings are some of the outcomes:

  1. "On Ramsey's conjecture with AK technology," Economics Bulletin, Vol. 34 No. 2 pp. 875-884, 2014
  2. Macroynamic analysis of income distribution, in Japanase, Keiso Shobo, 314 pages +x, 2014.
  3. "A Complete Characterization of the Inverted S-shaped Labor Supply Curve," Metroeconomica, 61(4), pp.665-675, 2010. (with Yu Murayama) Also, I study the short-run and medium-run economic fluctuations:
  4. "Studies in Medium-Run Macroeconomics: Growth, Fluctuations, Unemployment, Inequality and Policies" Edited by Tamotsu Nakamura, Hideyuki Adachi, Yasuyuki Osumi, World Scientific Publishing, 327 pages+xxii, 2015. The relationship between macroeconomic dynamics and environment is another issue of my interest:
  5. "A phase diagram analysis on "The Environment and Directed Technical Change"", Economics Bulletin, Volume 35, Issue 2, pp. 968-977 2015 (with Kenichiro Ikeshita and Keisuke Osumi) In addition to the above, I am doing some joint-research on the mixed oligopoly:
  6. "Nash bargaining and partial privatization in mixed oligopoly," Economic Modelling 46, pp. 315-321, 2015. (with Hiroyuki Takami)
Lectures and Seminars

Lectures (Undergraduate)
1. Intermediate Macroeconomics I & II
2. Special Seminar (Introduction to Macroeconomic dynamics)


Lectures (Graduate/Postgraduate)
1. Advanced Macroeconomics I
2. Advanced Macroeconomics II


Seminars (Undergraduate)
The students study the intermediate level of macroeconomics, and try to understand social and economic problems that the Japanese economy faces such as income and regional inequalities, small birth rates, rapid aging and so on.


Seminars (Graduate/Postgraduate)
The students have to understand macroeconomic dynamics, especially the dynamic general equilibrium in deep and write the research papers that will be published in the international journals.


  1. "Technical Progress and Investment: A Vintage Model," The Japanese Economic Review, Vol.47, No.4, pp.396-411,1996
  2. "Risk -aversion and investment-uncertainty relationship: a note," Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 38(3), 1999, pp.357-363
  3. "Seniority-Wage System and the Growth of a Labour-Managed Firm," Journal of Comparative Economics, 28(3), 2000, pp.606-618
  4. "´Principle of Increasing Risk´: Kalecki's Investment Theory Rivisited,"Review of Political Economy, 14(1), pp.115-123
  5. "Foreign Investment, Technology Transfer and the Technology Gap; a Note," Review of Development Economics, 6(1), pp.39-47
  6. "Finite lifetime of capital and the investment-uncertainty relationship," Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 48(1), pp.51-56

I like the American football, especially NFL, very much. My favorite team is Green Bay Packers. The name of the Lombardi Trophy, which is awarded to the Super Bowl champions today, was named after the legend head coach, Vincent Lombardi. He led the Packers to the first and second Super Bowl Champions. Hence, even now, Green Bay, the small city of about 100,000 people, is called "the title town." Vice Lombardi taught me the importance of "priority" through his famous statement. "Think of only three things-your God, your family, and the Green Bay Packers- in that order." Life is not long. Hence, please do first thing first!!

Directory of Researchers in Kobe University

Directory of Researchers in Kobe University