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HARUYAMA TetsugenProfessor






TEL : 078-803-6807  FAX : 078-803-6807

Research Interest

Economic Growth, Technical Progress, R&D

Education and Positions
  • BSc Honors (Economics), Warwick University
  • M.Phil. (Economics), Oxford University
  • D.Phil. (Economics), Oxford University
  • Senior Lecturer/Lecturer, Department of Economics, University of Glasgow
  • Professor, Graduate School of Economics, Kobe University
Main Publications
  1. "Technological Progress and Unemployment: An Efficiency Wage Perspective," (with Campbell Leith), Japanese Economic Review, forthcoming.
  2. "R&D Policy in a Volatile Economy," Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 2009 (October), vol.33, issue 10, pp.1761-1778.
  3. "Competitive Innovation with Codified and Tacit Knowledge," Scottish Journal of Political Economy, 2009 (September), vol.56, issue 4, pp.390-414.
  4. "Do Distortionary Taxes Always Harm Growth?" (with Jun-ichi Itaya), Journal of Economics, 2006 (March), vol.87, number 2, pp.99-126.
  5. "Political Uncertainty, Public Expenditure and Growth," (with Julia Darby and Anton Muscatelli), European Journal of Political Economy, 2004 (March), vol.20, issue 1, pp.153-179.
  6. "Endogenous Growth without Scale Effects: A Comment," American Economic Review, 2003 (June), vol.93, pp.1009-1018.

My research concerns endogenous growth theory. Most of my published papers are related to some policy implications for long-run growth and conditions for endogenous growth. Currently I am interested in the effects of competition and IPR on technical progress. I am also xploring some interesting interations between techncial progress and international trade.

Directory of Researchers in Kobe University

Directory of Researchers in Kobe University