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TAKEUCHI KenjiProfessor


Office hours

By appointment



Research Interests

Environmental Economics

Empirical analysis of policies on climate change and waste management





Lectures and Seminars

Lectures (Undergraduate)
Environmental Economics



Lectures (Graduate/Postgraduate)
Environmental Economics


Seminars (Undergraduate)
Students attending my undergraduate seminar learn introductory environmental economics and discuss about its policy application.




Seminars (Graduate/Postgraduate)
At the seminar for graduate students, ongoing research projects of participants are presented and discussed.




Environmental Economics is an exiting research field that inspires interdisciplinary thinking and policy innovation. Please join us.

  1. "Can Climate Mitigation Help the Poor?  Measuring Impacts of the CDM in Rural China," Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 2019, forthcoming (with Y. Du)
  2. "Evaluating Unit-Based Pricing of Residential Solid Waste: A Panel Data Analysis," Environmental and Resource Economics, 58(2), 245-271, 2014. (with T. Usui)
  3. "The Influence of Decision-making Rules on Individual Preferences for Ecological Restoration: Evidence from an Experimental Survey," Ecological Economics, 68 (8-9), 2426-2431, 2009. (with N. Ito, K. Kuriyama, Y. Shoji, T. Tsuge, and Y. Mitani)
  4. "A Choice Experiment Approach to the Valuation of Mortality," Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 31 (1), 73-95, 2005. (with T. Tsuge and A. Kishimoto)
Directory of Researchers in Kobe University

Directory of Researchers in Kobe University