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OKAJIMA ShigeharuAssociate Professor

OKAJIMA Shigeharu

Research Interests

My research focuses broadly on policy evaluations using laboratory experiments and quasi-experimental design. My current research projects include the analyses of people's behaviors in public goods games and donation experiments.


Education and Position

    Ph. D.(Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics), Ohio State University Assistant Professor, Political Science and Economics,Waseda University


Lectures and Seminars

Lectures (Undergraduate)

Basic methodologies and techniques for empirical analysis of microdata. Overviews publicly available datasets from government agencies and describes microdata analysis methods and techniques. The goal of this course is to help students develop individual research plans. Open to undergraduates and graduate students.




Lectures (Graduate/Postgraduate)
Addresses basic methodologies and techniques of econometrics. Each student chooses a topic, deliberates on the issues surrounding the topic, identifies necessary datasets and econometrics techniques to analyze the issues, and writes a term paper.

Seminars (Undergraduate)
Not offered

Seminars (Graduate/Postgraduate)
Not offered

Main Publications
  1. Analysis of energy intensity in Japan (with Hiroko Okajima) Energy Policy, October 2013,61:574-586
  2. Estimation of Japanese Price Elasticity of Residential Electricity Demand (with Hiroko OKajima) Energy Economics, November 2013, 40:437-440
  3. Impact of Environmental Regulation and the 2011 Earthquake in the Japanese Electricity Industry (with Hiroko Okajima) Journal of Regulatory Economics, forthcoming.

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Directory of Researchers in Kobe University