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NAKAMURA KentaAssociate Professor


Research Interest

Economics of innovation

Research Theme
  1. R&D alliance, licensing, and university-industry collaboration
  2. Entry and growth of new firms in pharmaceutical and biotech industry
  3. Intellectual property policy
Education and Position
  1. Ph. D. (Economics), Hitotsubashi University
  2. Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) postdoctoral researcher
  3. Lecturer, Graduate School of Economics, Kobe University
  4. Associate Professor, Graduate School of Economics, Kobe University
Main Publications
  1. "R&D Boundaries of the Firm: An Estimation of Double-Hurdle Model on Commissioned R&D, Joint R&D, and Licensing in Japan," with H. Odagiri, Economics of Innovation and New Technology, 14, 583-615, 2005.
  2. "Public-Private Linkage in Biomedical Research in Japan: Lessons of the 1990s," with Y. Okada and A. Tohei, in 21st Century Innovation System for Japan and the United States: Lesson from a Decade of Change, National Academy Press, 238-250, 2009.
  3. "Interaction of Appropriability by Patents and the Boundaries of the Firm," with H. Odagiri, Journal of Intellectual Property Association of Japan, 17, 4-13, 2010. (in Japanese)
My main research interests are in the fields of R&D, innovation, and intellectual property rights (IPRs), particularly patents and design rights. I currently study how IPR policies affect R&D incentives and efficiency of technology market and how IPRs contribute to growth of new technology-based firms. I also work on a database development project for patent statistics research.
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Directory of Researchers in Kobe University