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MIYAZAKI TomomiProfessor


Office hours

Tuesday 12:20pm-1:20pm (except for public holidays and breaks)





Research Interests
  1. Public Economics
  2. Marco Economics (Fiscal Policy)
  3. Regional Economics
Lectures and Seminars

Teaching Experience
Public Economics
This course provides foundations for empirical analysis in the field of public economics/public finance. I also use some academic papers in order to introduce both theoretical and empirical tools.

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Seminars (Undergraduate)
The theme of my undergraduate seminar is public economics and public finance. I welcome the students who are interested in the affairs related to public policy.

Seminars (Graduate/Postgraduate)
Graduate students are expected to aquire the necessary tools on empirical method related to public economics/public finance and write the research paper. Ph.D students are strictly supervised so as to publish several research papers within a course, and expected to fulfill the course within three years. Students who would like to finish in M.A. course are required to write an excellent M.A. dissertation publishable in some academic journals.

Selected Publications
    • 1. "Public investment and business cycles: The case of Japan" Journal of Asian Economics, Vol.20 No.4, pp.419-426, August 2009.
    • 2. "The effect of fiscal policy in the 1990s in Japan: A VAR analysis with event studies" Japan and the World Economy Vol.22 No.2, pp.80-87, March 2010.
    • 3. "Local Public Sector Investment and Stabilization Policy" Public Policy Review, Vol6 No.1, pp.153-166, March 2010.
    • 4. "On the Determinant of Fiscal Adjustment" International Economic Journal, Vol.26 No.1, pp. 23-36, March 2012.
    • 5. "Optimal Monetary Policy in an Estimated Local Currency Pricing Model" (co-authored with Eiji Okano, Masataka Eguchi, and Hiroshi Gunji) Advances in Econometrics Vol.78, pp.39-79, December 2012.
Directory of Researchers in Kobe University

Directory of Researchers in Kobe University