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TANAKA HikaruAssociate Professor


Office hours

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Research Interest

My research aims at understanding modernization process and local economic development. The result and cause of Japanese success of industrialization are my interests. Especially, I'm interested in the effect of modern Japanese micro-credit in local economy. Modern Japanese financial system and local society is my main research field. Since early 20th century, Japanese financial system was composed of not only ordinary banks, and the postal savings bank and development of cooperatives took important roles in the system. They accumulated huge saving deposits and supplied micro-finance in rural area.
This kind of micro-finance network and its important function seems not peculiar of Japan, so my research also tries to compare Japanese case with other examples, such as Raiffeizen cooperatives in Germany, Grameen bank in Bangladesh and so on.


2006 Bachelor of Economics (University of Tokyo)
2008 Master of Economics(University of Tokyo)
2013 Ph.D of Economics(University of Tokyo)
2008-2011 Research fellow of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
2013-2014 Special research associate in Economic Faculty, University of Tokyo
2014-current Lecturer in Economic Faculty, Kobe University

Main Publications
  1. 20世紀初頭における郵便貯金と大衆貯蓄行動-静岡県三島町の事例を中心に’[Postal savings and mass saving behavior in early 20th century: case study of Mishima City in Shizuoka Prefecture], Rekishi to Keizai [Journal of Political Economy & Economic History], vol.214, January 2012, pp.16-31.
  2. 近代日本の地域経済発展と産業組合-長野県小県郡和村の事例’[Local Economic Development and Cooperative Credit Unions in modern Japan: a case study of Kano village, Chiisagata area in Nagano Prefecture], Keieishigaku [Japan Business History Review], vol.46, no.4, March 2012, pp.3-22.
  3. 大蔵省預金部資金の地方還元機能-1914年緊急救済融資と長野県’[Local re-allocation function of Ministry of Finance Savings Deposit Fund (MoF-SDF): case study of Nagano Prefecture and the 1914 nationwide bailout],Shakai-keizaishigaku [Journal of Socio-economic History], vol.78,No.1,May 2012, pp.119-141.
  4. 大蔵省預金部資金の地方還元と地域金融ルートの編成―救済融資の社会経済的影響に着目して’[The redistribution of Ministry of Finance savings deposit investment funds to the local level and the formation of Japan’s regional finance system: The socioeconomic influence of economic relief funds], Shigaku-zasshi[Journal of the Historical Society of Japan],vol.122, no.4, April 2013, pp.40-65.
  5. 戦間期における大蔵省預金部地方資金制度の展開-1927年長野県における霜害救済融資の事例から-[The Development of the Japanese Ministry of Finance Savings Deposit Fund (hereafter: MoF-SDF) management system for Local re-allocation in interwar period: A case study of the 1927 Nagano Prefecture relief loan for severe frost damage] Shakai-keizaishigaku [Journal of Socio-economic History], vol.79,No.3, November 2013, pp.49-68.
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