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KATO Hiroyuki (1955.9.5~2016.8.30)

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KATO HiroyukiProfessor

KATO Hiroyuki

Research Interest

Regional Development in China

  1. "Regional Development in the Reform Period," Ross Garnaut and Liu Guoguang(edited), Economic Reform and Internationalization: China and the Pacific Region, ALLEN & UNWIN, 1992, pp.116-136.
  2. "China's Gradual Reform Process: From Comparative Advantage to Developmentalism," Japan Review of International Affairs, Vol.12, No.1, Spring 1998, pp.33-48.
  3. Economic Development and Marketization in China, University of Nagoya Press, 1997 (in Japanese).
  4. Regional Development, A Research Series on Modern Chinese Economy No.6, University of Nagoya Press, 2003 (in Japanese).
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Directory of Researchers in Kobe University