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Please take an appointment in advance.

Short bio

Keijiro OTSUKA (E-mail:
Keijiro Otsuka is a professor of Development Economics at the Graduate School of Economics, Kobe University, and a chief senior researcher at the Institute of Developing Economies in Tokyo. He received a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Chicago in 1979. Prior to joining the Kobe University, he was a Professor at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies from 2001 to 2016. Formerly, he was a Chairman of the Board of Trustees of International Rice Research Institute from 2004 to 2007, and President of the International Association of Agricultural Economists (IAAE) from 2009 to 2012. He is an honorary life member of IAAE, a fellow of Agricultural and Applied Economics Association, and a distinguished fellow of African Association of Agricultural Economists.

Research Interest

1. Agricultural Development in Asia and Africa
2. Industrial Development in Asia and Africa

Lectures and Seminars

Applied Economics Special Lecture

・Theme and Objectives: Nurture ability to write economics articles in English. In particular, participants are advised to learn how to write understandable English.

・Description and Schedule: In the first class, the instructor will give lecture on “how to write economics articles in English.” From the second class onward, students as well as staff of the Graduate School of Economics make presentations. Presenter has to circulate the paper one week in advance and all the participants must read it before the class. In the class, discussions will be made on the writing style and presentations. While students must attend all the classes, staff will be requested to attend when he or she makes presentation.

・Evaluation: The relative evaluation will be made based on the quality of presented papers and the extent of participation in the discussions.

・Information Regarding Preparation and Related Classes: Adequate understanding of microeconomics and knowledge of basic econometrics are required.

・Office Hour and Contact Information: In principle, personal discussion should be made after each class. Those who want to talk with me personally must give a call at 803-6819 or send e-mail to, in order to make an appointment.

・Message: I wish that many graduate students challenge to take this class, even though they may encounter some difficulties.

・Improvements in Teaching: I plan to invite staff of the Graduate School of Economics to make presentations.

・Textbook: Deirdre N. McCloskey (2000), Economical Writing, Second Edition. Waveland Press.

・Reference Materials: None.

・Classroom Language: English.

・Keywords: Logical and understandable writing in English.


Development Economics

・Theme and Objectives: The purpose of this class is to analyze how to design effective strategy to develop agriculture and manufacturing industries to reduce poverty in low-income countries. Students are expected to grasp the fundamental issues of development economics.

・Description and Schedule: The class will cover the following eight topics while spending more or less two classes for each topic:

  1. What is the development economics all about?
  2. To what extent has the poverty incidence declined?
  3. Why is it so difficult to eradicate the poverty?
  4. What are the processes of agricultural development?
  5. What are the lessons to be learned from successful industrialization in East Asia?
  6. Disastrous development policies
  7. Strategies to develop agriculture
  8. Strategies to develop industries

・Evaluation: Two examinations will be offered. Grading will be based on the total score of the two examinations. Students are requested to use own personal computers in the exams and to submit the answers by attachment.

・Information Regarding Preparation and Related Classes: This course makes extensive use of standard economic theories, especially microeconomics. On the instructor’s side, efforts shall be made to explain these theories when used in the lecture. However, students must make the maximum efforts to study microeconomics in advance.

・Office Hour and Contact Information: In principle, personal discussions should be made after each class. Those who want to talk with me personally must give a call at 803-6819 or send e-mail at, in order to make an appointment.

・Message: I hope that this is an eye-opening class for the students interested to study how economics can be used to analyze the real issues.

・Improvements in Teaching: This is the first year.

・Textbook: None.

・Reference Materials: Selected journal articles will be shown in the class.

・Classroom Language: English.

・Keywords: Development strategy, agricultural development, industrial development



Main Publications

    “Induced Bias of Technical Change in Agriculture: The United States and Japan, 1880-1980.” Journal of Political Economy 94(3), June 1986, pp. 523-44 (with Toshihiko Kawagoe and Yujiro Hayami).

    “Land and Labor Contracts in Agrarian Economies: Theories and Facts.” Journal of Economic Literature 30(4), December 1992, pp. 1965-2018 (with Hiroyuki Chuma and Yujiro Hayami).

    “Population, Land Tenure, and Natural Resource Management: The Case of Customary Land Areas in Malawi.” Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 41(1), January 2001, pp. 13-32 (with Frank Place).

    “Food Insecurity, Income Inequality, and the Changing Comparative Advantage in World Agriculture.” Agricultural Economics, November 2013, 44(S1): 7-18.

    State Building and Development, London, UK: Routledge, 2014 (edited with Takashi Shiraishi).

    Cluster-based Industrial Developments: Kaizen Management for MSE Growth in Developing Countries, Hampshire, UK: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014 (coauthored with Tetsushi Sonobe).

    Moving out of Poverty: An Inquiry into Inclusive Growth in Asia, London, UK: Routledge, 2015 (coauthored with Jonna P. Estudillo).

    In Pursuit of an African Green Revolution: Views from Rice and Maize Farmers’ Fields. Dordrecht, Netherlands: Springer, 2016 (edited with Donald F. Larson).


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Directory of Researchers in Kobe University