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HORIE ShinyaAssociate Professor

HORIE Shinya



TEL : 078-803-6881

Research Interest

Economic recovery from disasters, Disaster risk management, Public procurement

Education and Position
  • BA (Economics), Kobe University
  • MA (Economics), Kobe University
  • Research Associate, Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Tohoku University
Lectures and Seminars

Lectures (Graduate/Postgraduate)




Main Publications
    < Academic Paper >
  1. Sanaei, M., S. Horie, and S.Managi (2015). "Job Opportunity and Ownership Status: Return Decision after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami," Singapore Economic Review, forthcoming.
  2. Saito, D.,S. Horie,and S. Managi (2013). "Strategic Natural Resource Management for Sustainable Economy." Journal of Environmental Science, Vol.6(6), pp.556-56. (in Japanese).
  3. Horie, S. and S. Managi (2013). "Economics of Disaster: Recovery from Natural Disasters and Economic Policies." Journal of Environmental Economics and Policy Studies, Vol. 16, pp.41-43. (in Japanese).
  4. Shinya Horie "Political Economy Model of Tax-Exemption Standard in a Small Open Economy," Sophia Economic Review, Vol.57, 2012, pp.191-204.

< Book Chapters >
  1. Managi, S., Z. Zhang, and S. Horie (2015). "A Real Options Approach to Environmental R&D Project Evaluation." Halkos, G. (Eds) Economic Development and the Environment, forthcoming, ASERS Publishing. (Peer Reviewed)
  2. Horie, S. and S. Managi (2012). "A Model of Relocation by Disaster Victims." Managi, S. (Eds) Economics of Disaster, Chuo-Keizai, pp.243-253.

My research interests currently focus on economics of disasters (both natural and industrial) including individual decision making and learning after disasters, strategic promotion of economic resilience to disasters, and recovery from disaster. Because the field is highly interdisciplinary, I frequently collaborate with researchers outside of economics such as civil engineering, environmental science and geology.

Directory of Researchers in Kobe University

Directory of Researchers in Kobe University