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Prof. Kaiji Motegi received the 2019 Best Young Researcher Award from Kobe University.

We are pleased to announce that Prof. Kaiji Motegi, an associate professor at the Graduate School of Economics, received the 2019 Best Young Researcher Award from Kobe University. The purpose of this award is to encourage young, productive faculty members at Kobe. Starting in 2015, Kobe University gives this award to at most five outstanding researchers of all departments each year.

Prof. Motegi is a promising econometrician who has published two papers from the Journal of Econometrics and another paper from the Journal of Multivariate Analysis. He also received the 33rd JSS Ogawa Award from the Japan Statistical Society recently. Due to those significant outcomes, Kobe University has decided to give Prof. Motegi the 2019 Best Young Researcher Award. The awarding ceremony and Prof. Motegi’s memorial lecture are scheduled to take place at Kobe University in January 2020.

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