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Prof. Kaiji Motegi received the 33rd JSS Ogawa Award

We are pleased to announce that Prof. Kaiji Motegi received the 33rd JSS Ogawa Award from the Japan Statistical Society. Prof. Motegi is a leading expert of the Mixed Data Sampling (MIDAS) econometrics. He proposed novel approaches for improving the statistical accuracy of MIDAS analysis, and applied those advanced techniques to macroeconomic indicators. In those fields, Prof. Motegi published two articles from the Journal of Econometrics and another article from the North American Journal of Economics and Finance.

The Japan Statistical Society highly evaluated Prof. Motegi’s contributions to the MIDAS literature, and decided to award him the 33rd JSS Ogawa Award. The awarding ceremony and Prof Motegi’s memorial lecture will take place at the 2019 Japanese Joint Statistical Meeting, which will be held at Shiga University in September 2019.

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