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2015 Kobe Conference on Trade, Financial Integration and Economic Growth

The Graduate School of Economics (GSE) hosted the 2015 Kobe Conference on Trade, Financial Integration and Economic Growth at the Rokkkodai campus of Kobe University during November 21 (Sat) through November 22 (Sun), 2015. The conference was jointly supported by the Kobe University Rokkodai Foundation, the Sawamura Masaka Research Fund, the Murata Science Foundation, the JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number 25380219, the Rokko Forum and the RIEB Seminar.

Main topics of the conference include international trade, financial integration/bubbles, economic growth, fiscal and social security policies, and macroeconomic dynamics. Twelve new research papers were presented by domestic and oversea speakers, most of whom are leading and influential figures in their fields.

The conference began with an opening address by Professor Toshiki Jinushi, the dean of the GSE. The schedule of the conference was as follows:
(The first day)
Session 1 Total Productivity and Bubbles
Professor Ping Wang, Washington University in St. Louis
Mr. Ronfun Im, Kobe University
Session 2 Fiscal Policy and Macroeconomic Dynamics
Professor Koichi Futagami, Osaka University
Professor Chong Kee Yip, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Session 3 Policy and Growth
Professor Kazuo Nishimura, Kobe University/Kyoto University
Professor Kazuo Mino, Kyoto University/Doshisya University

(The second day)
Session 4 Trade and Financial Crisis
Professor Eric Bond, Vanderbilt University
Professor Takuma Kunieda, Kansei Gakuin University
Professor Danyang Xie, HKUST/ Wuhan University
Session 5 Fiscal Policy and Social Security
Professor Jun-Ichi Itaya, Hokaido University
Professor Been-Lon Chen, Academia Sinica
Professor Stephen Turnovsky, University of Washington

The sessions were chaired by Professor Tamotsu Nakamura (Kobe University), Professor Lex Zhao (Kobe University), Professor Emeritus Fumio Dei (Kobe University), Professor Nakanishi Noritsugu (Kobe University) and Professor Tetsuya Haruyama (Kobe University), respectively. All the sessions have had excellent presentations and beneficial discussions.

All the participants of the conference had enjoyed the presentations, discussions and even the communications during lunch and dinner times. This conference provided a good occasion to exchange new research ideas with outstanding researchers from all over the world. It benefits not only our faculty members, but also young researchers and graduate students to build international research networks. This kind of opportunities can also stimulate possible future joint research programs. Our school will continue to host and support academic activities such as international conferences, seminars, workshops in order to facilitate the development of Economics.