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The 3rd International Symposium with Bruegel Institute: "Secular Stagnation in Europe and Japan"

On Monday October 5th, in conjunction with the Belgian think-tank Bruegel Institute, Kobe University held the 3rd International Symposium on Secular Stagnation in Europe and Japan. This year’s symposium discussed a wide range of aspects of the ongoing secular stagnation occurring in Japan and Europe.

Among the Japanese participants at the symposium, Naoyuki Yoshino (Director of the Asian Development Bank Institute) spoke on the characteristics of secular stagnation specific to Japan. Ryuzo Miyao (Professor at Tokyo University and former policy board member of Bank of Japan) discussed outlooks on Japan’s “two lost decades”. Atsuko Ueda (Professor at Waseda University) reported on generational gaps in income and secular stagnation. On the European side, there were contributions from academics, policymakers and members of private think-tanks. Kobe University also made it contribution, with Professor Toshiki Jinushi (Dean), Masahiko Yoshii, Takashi Okunishi, Yoichi Matsubayashi, and Tomomi Miyazaki joining the discussion.

Our Graduate School of Economics has been positive in deepening its links to Europe and close exchanges with Bruegel Institute constitute a major step forward in enhancing the cooperative relationship with Europe yet further.