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8 Major Fields Covering Diverse Areas in Economics

The Faculty of Economics is one of the longest-standing centers of economics research in Japan. It is the largest among the national universities in the Kansai region and the largest or second largest in all of Japan in terms of number of fields of research and faculty members. Employing the multi-course system, this Faculty adopts seminar-type programs that cover a wide range of fields in economics research. It offers courses on eight major areas of economics research, comprising Theoretical Analysis (that deals with the traditional basic fields), Historical Analysis, Statistics and Econometric Analysis, Industrial and Social Policy, Monetary and Public Policy, Comparative Economic Policy (for analyzing economics in Russia, China, Central and Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and other regions), Technological and Environmental Analysis (focusing on the economics and environmental issues surrounding technological development), and International Economic Policy (for analyzing the various issues accompanying the globalization of economics). Further, the Graduate School of Economics is the oldest graduate course in Japan, offering research guidance and lectures by professors from the Faculty of Economics, and teachers specializing in economics from the Research Institute for Economics and Business Administration.

Analyzing Economics from Every Angle
Amassing Knowledge from Japan and the World: Faculty

More than 50 faculty members in the Graduate School of Economics and Faculty of Economics conduct research and teach in the fields of Theoretical Analysis, Historical Analysis, Statistics and Econometric Analysis, Technological and Environmental Analysis, Industrial and Social Policy, Monetary and Public Policy, International Economic Policy and Comparative Economic Policy. We not only have faculty members who cover diverse research fields, but we also invite academics from the government and business industries, such as central government agencies, private research institutions and international agencies, to give lectures on the characteristics of economics as a “practical science” in an effort to build a better economic system through research. Economics is the most advanced field among social sciences in terms of globalization. Overseas research activities for our professors is also thriving. In addition to long-term research in foreign countries, many of our professors engage in research activities in various regions around the world each year to conduct academic investigations, give lectures or report their research findings in international conferences. Economics from an interdisciplinary viewpoint is deeply associated with many other fields. As such, interdisciplinary academic research with broad perspectives is essential. At the Graduate School of Economics, you can join lectures on economics given by the Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies. Research of economics in different countries does not only cover almost all regions in the world, including European countries, the United States of America, Latin Americas, Oceania, China, Asia, Russia, and Central and Eastern Europe, as research is also done on economic integration such as APEC and EU.