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Brief History of Kobe University and Graduate School of Economics

Kobe University's inception can be traced back to 1902 with the establishment of Kobe Higher Commercial School. In 1929, the School was renamed Kobe University of Commerce and then Kobe University of Economics in 1944. In 1949, under the new educational system, Hyogo Normal School, Hyogo Junior Normal School, Kobe Technical College, Himeji High School, and Kobe University of Economics were brought together to become Kobe University.

In the early stage, Kobe University had six faculties including faculty of economics and Research Institute of Economics and Business Administration. Then new faculties and graduate schools were added to enhance the academic environment.

Kobe University was unique because it was the first national university to establish a night course and played an important role to give opportunities for highly motivated working people. Now Kobe University is one of the largest universities in Japan with 11 undergraduate faculties and schools, 14 graduate schools, many organizations like research centers and courses including University Library and University Hospital. Graduate School of Economics was established in 1953. It is widely known with a lot of distinguished researchers in various fields of economics and its well-developed education. Graduate School of Economics is working not only to nurture the next generation of researchers but also to offer specialized knowledge for working people.

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