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Path to Becoming an Expert

What does it mean to learn economics at a graduate school? What kinds of people possessing what purpose and experience are fit to study at the Graduate School of Economics? If you are interested in the appeal of economics as a science, or if you want to improve your skill by deepening your knowledge in economics through practice, then please consider studying in the Graduate School of Economics. The Graduate School of Economics awaits all of you with the largest number of faculty members in Japan and multiple courses and curricula to meet the diverse needs for economics.

Characteristics of the Graduate School of Economics

1) There are complete curricula through multiple courses and programs. In the Master’s Program, there are two courses available, comprising the General Course and the Global Master Program (GMAP). Under the General Course, students can choose between two paths: the path in which the target is to become researchers in economics and the path in which the target is to acquire expertise as a highly specialized professional. Meanwhile, the GMAP is a program that aims to cultivate experts who can actively contribute to the world after they acquire a master’s degree by taking courses solely in English. In either Course or Program, the aim is to develop experts armed with the ability to conduct independent research through lectures for systematically learning about cutting-edge economics, seminars in small groups where the participants engage in active debates, and guidance by professors about writing papers.

2) The Graduate School of Economics has a rich lineup of professors who lead interdisciplinary research, association with local communities and international exchange. It has more than 50 economics researchers from various fields. In addition, it conducts joint research and transfer of credits with the Graduate School of Business Administration, Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies and the Graduate School of Science of Kobe University, and the Graduate School of Economics of Osaka University and Kyoto University. Further, the “Network of Knowledge” that was formed by the alumni of the Graduate School of Economics who are spread at major universities and other institutions all over the world will strongly support your studies and research activities.