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Project Prof. Keijiro Otsuka has been elected to the membership of the Japan Academy (14 Dec. 2018)
A textbook written by Prof. Noritsugu Nakanishi has been published by World Scientific (08 Nov. 2018)
The 4th African Business Research Forum (30 Oct. 2017)
An article written by Prof. OTSUKA Keijiro appeared in The Nikkei (1 Aug. 2016, p.19)(1 Aug .2016)
We have concluded a Cooperative Agreement on Research with Nanyang Technological University (Singapore). (14 Jul. 2016)
Rokko Forum Tue. 18 December 3:30PM-5:00PM

Zheng Zhang "A Unified Framework for Efficient Estimation of General Treatment Models"

Rokko Forum Tue. 18 December 5:00PM-6:30PM

Tomoya Tajika "Collective mistake for a trick question under strategic voting"

Discussion Paper No.1828
Yimeng Du, Kenji Takeuchi "Does a Small Difference Make a Difference? Impact of Feed-in Tariff on Renewable Power Generation in China"
Discussion Paper No.1829
Taiji Hagiwara, Shinya Horie, Sumie Sato "An analysis on the impact of the city name change from Sasayama to Tanba Sasayama through the city name based brand products"